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Ready to make a logo, whitepaper, landing page and other things to make your ICO campaign successful
We help developers to make visually catching ICO campaign. We offer the optimal combination of speed, cost and uniqueness. Ready to invest in your project — our services can be partially paid with tokens.
We accept payment by credit card, Paypal or Payoneer. Up to 50% of the cost can be paid with tokens. We go forward on a prepay basis only. The volume of the advance payment is 50%. Tokens are not accepted as prepayment.
As the founder of Icostar and other projects, I primarily value my reputation. I do not go into hiding and provide links to my personal profiles on social networks. Also, we could make a deal through Upwork.
Our approach
We develop a unique logo, select brand fonts and brand colors. Based on them, we unify our templates and adapt them to your ICO campaign. We can carry out branding without using templates. In this case, the cost and terms are calculated individually.
Up to 50% of the package cost can be paid with tokens


Logo, whitepaper, landing page, social network design, banner
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Logo, whitepaper, landing page, social networks design, banners, one-pager, trailer
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The cost is negotiable
Service pack is formed at the client's request
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